We believe in the power of words and that is why we define ourselves as an open HUB. Very open. Without complexes or prejudices. We want to connect, share and add. 

We focus our ENERGY and PASSION on four lines of action: Creativity, Dynamism, Talent and Community.

Augmented reality metaverse

Repetitive tasks automation software 

Energy consumption optimization software 

Agricultural process optimization software

Sustainable wastewater evaporation technology 


Programa de aceleración


Open Learning

We share our passion for innovation with SMEs and startups in the Region of Murcia through conferences on the most disruptive and cutting-edge technologies. 

Dare together with national and Israeli specialists.

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Open Innovation

We are the orchestra that sets the rhythm in the dance of elephants and gazelles.

We face the challenges of the future together, empowering digital transformation and corporate entrepreneurship with the support of disruptive technologies:


Connecting startup ecosystems globally from Murcia and Israel


Strategic partnerships and collaborations between ecosystem stakeholders 


Technology Scouting


Business Development


Aceleration program

We are the energy shot you need to grow. Benefit from Zakut's network of mentors and industry experts through our tailor-made Acceleration Program. The Israeli way.

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Investors network

You may have heard that in Israel people raise millions with a Power Point presentation.

Here we show you how. 

Founders: Do you need help with fundraising?

Investors: Do you want to expand your deal flow?

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